• No complicated forecast,

    just extra sales

    We help retailers forecast, identify trends and optimize revenues

  • Transform retailers' big data

    into extra sales

    Forecast, trends and price optimization...made simple and accurate

    Anticipate trends

    Identify product-market fit, optimise your inventory (dead stock, stock out) using the power of big data. Leverage data from social networks (Instagram, Twitter): keywords, SKU, brands, hashtags.

    Forecast like a pro

    Predict demand & supply.

    Forecast sales, costs, inventory.

    No more Excel nonsense with buggy macros. We help you find the right tradeoff between power and simplicity.

    Optimize revenues

    Optimize your pricing strategy to increase your revenues.




  • Our team

    Benjamin Amar


    Seasoned Executive in IT industry, with an extensive expertise in Big Data and Data Analytics gained at Informix and a broad experience in both fields of Sales and Business Development at Executive level in start-up and high-growth Enterprise Software companies.

    Daniel Rosenberg


    Serial entrepreneur, graduate from HEC and Mines Paris Tech, Daniel brings 15 years of technical experience in large investment banks in London, Paris and Hong Kong.

    Jacques Feldmar

    Scientific Advisor

    PhD. in CS from Polytechnique and Inria specialized in image recognition, holder of 5 patents


    Serial entrepreneur: LTU Technologies (sold to Jastec in 2005), Mirada Solutions (sold to Siemens in 2003)

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